Japan Everyday is on Hiatus

Due to other projects, Japan Everyday will be on a temporary hiatus. In some ways, the timing is good. Golden Week, one of the largest holiday seasons of the year in Japan, starts this week. It is a time when...

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AmaoJapan Podcast Episode 16

Episode 16 of the AmaoJapan podcast is now available. As with other episodes, this one reviews recent news stories as found on the Yahoo! Japan ニュース web site and other sources.

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The Many Political Parties of Japan

Today I am going to introduce you to the major political parties in Japan. Don’t get too excited; as is the case with other countries, there is little to party about in Japanese politics. Also, politicians here seem...

Japanese in the Wild: 勝手口

Your kitchen is the most selfish room in your home. It exists solely to meet your personal needs. Naturally, some effort is required on your part; you need to wash the dishes instead of just throwing them out every time...