About Japan Everyday

Living in Japan is, for many, a dream come true. The food, the culture, the technology; it’s all so exotic and exciting. There’s anime and sumo and sushi, practically on every street corner. But there’s also grocery shopping and filling out government forms and trying to follow the instructions on the ATM machine. Life here in Japan is a lot like life in most other countries—except that it is so very Japanese. Yet that is part of what makes it fascinating, especially for those who did not grow up here.

Japan Everyday exists so that you can learn about and experience everyday life in Japan, no matter where you currently live. Naturally, we will cover the topics that keep the tourists coming here year after year. But there will also be articles that introduce you to real life in Japan, written by those who live here. Whether it is history or language or sports or trying to find the right medicine at the drugstore, the content on Japan Everyday will help you navigate, understand, and experience daily life in Japan.

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