AmaoJapan Podcast Episodes 17 to 20

Episodes 17 through 20 of the AmaoJapan podcast are now available. As with other episodes, these new releases all review recent stories as found on various news web sites in Japan.

Here are some of the newsworthy topics included in Episode 17.

  • The latest coronavirus news, including the spread of variants in Osaka
  • Canceling some legs of the Olympic torch run
  • Eliminating harassment in the wake of Terrace House star Kimura Hana’s suicide
  • A recent broadcasting production cost scandal
  • Vietnamese residents are now the second largest foreigner group in Japan, passing Korean immigrants
  • Japan ranks low on a survey of gender equality in the workforce

A full summary (in Japanese) of the topics covered in each podcast can be found on Amao’s web site.

Listen to these episodes using your favorite podcast app or access them directly from the web site.

  • Episode 17, “日本で生活する外国人はベトナム人が2番目に多い”
  • Episode 18, “「まん延防止」と「緊急事態宣言」どう違う?”
  • Episode 19, “面接のお茶は飲んでいいの?日本のおかしな食事マナー”
  • Episode 20, “ジャスティン・ビーバーと鬼滅の刃から見る韓国と日本の問題”

Japan Everyday will post each new AmaoJapan broadcast as they are made available. You can also catch each episode as they are released on Amao’s podcast site.

Tim Odagiri

Tim Odagiri is an author, software developer, and the host of Japan Everyday. He has published more than a dozen books and hundreds of articles covering technology, current events, and now life in Japan. Find his latest books at

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