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Japan Everyday now offers additional benefits through its new membership plans! The web site already includes a growing collection of articles covering Japanese language, culture, media, and daily life, all available to the general web-browsing public. Membership adds additional features, all designed to meet the primary goal of Japan Everyday: helping you experience everyday life in Japan, no matter where you currently live.

Members of Japan Everyday have access to additional resources and educational materials. Many of these will be language-focused, such as downloadable vocabulary lists that pair with articles on the main web site. But there will also be member-only articles that give practical advice and perspectives from those who live here in Japan and are acclimating to Japanese culture and activities.

Members also help make the long-term goals of Japan Everyday possible. As the site continues to grow, it will offer more practical resources and opportunities to engage with others, not simply to offer a collection of how-to articles, but to help provide a bridge between the native Japanese community, the growing population of immigrants and long-term foreign residents who make Japan their home, and everyone worldwide who has an interest in Japanese culture and language.

There are several membership tiers available, depending on your interests.

  • The 後輩 (kōhai) Tier. The “Junior” tier provides entry-level access to membership benefits, primarily through the commentary, behind-the-scenes info, and on-the-ground advice made available through member-only articles.
  • The 同僚 (dōryō) Tier. In addition to all benefits mentioned above, members of the “Colleague” tier gain access to all enhanced content associated with each article, including downloadable documents and data files.
  • The 先輩 (senpai) Tier. The “Senior” tier is even more interactive, enabling members to help guide the direction and content of Japan Everyday by suggesting and discussing ideas for upcoming articles on the main web site with the editorial team.

You can learn more about each of the membership tiers by visiting the Japan Everyday Patreon page.

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Tim Patrick

Tim Patrick is an author, software developer, and the host of Japan Everyday. He has published a dozen books and hundreds of articles covering technology, current events, and now life in Japan. Find his latest books at OwaniPress.com.

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