AmaoJapan Podcast Episode 14

Episode 14 Podcast Title: 「赤信号みんなで渡れば怖くない日本人」

Episode 14 of the AmaoJapan podcast is now available. As with other episodes, this one reviews the day’s news as found on the Yahoo! Japan ニュース web site.

Here are some of the newsworthy topics included in this episode.

  • Coronavirus news: Go To Eat campaign, Japanese behavior patterns, impacts on the health system
  • Home-delivery companies are on the rise
  • What happened to the flavor of マックポテト?
  • Vegetables are cheap this year!

Listen to this episode using your favorite podcast app or access it directly from the web site.

Japan Everyday will post each new AmaoJapan broadcast as they are made available. You can also catch each episode as they are released on Amao’s podcast site.

Tim Odagiri

Tim Odagiri is an author, software developer, and the host of Japan Everyday. He has published more than a dozen books and hundreds of articles covering technology, current events, and now life in Japan. Find his latest books at

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