AmaoJapan Podcast Episodes 5 to 13

The AmaoJapan podcast started broadcasting several weeks before the Japan Everyday web site came online, and the time has come to resync their two views of the timeline. No doubt you have seen earlier posts for the first four podcast episodes. In this article, you’ll find links for episodes 5 through 13, which will bring things up to date as of a few days ago.

  • Episode 5, broadcast on 9/10/2020: 「外国人がおどろく人気の日本レストラン」
  • Episode 6, broadcast on 9/14/2020: 「自殺が多い日本」
  • Episode 7, broadcast on 9/16/2020: 「日本のチャイナタウン 池袋」
  • Episode 8, broadcast on 9/24/2020: 「日本の育児休暇について」 NOTE: This episode may contain content not suitable for young children.
  • Episode 9, broadcast on 9/29/2020: 「ロボットレストラン」
  • Episode 10, broadcast on 10/5/2020: 「風邪薬の広告からみる日本の社会」
  • Episode 11, broadcast on 10/16/2020: 「なぜ日本人はNO言わない?メシハラがこわい」
  • Episode 12, broadcast on 11/13/2020: 「日本にいる外国人の事件が最近増えています」
  • Episode 13, broadcast on 11/18/2020: 「アダルトショップの一番多い都道府県」NOTE: This episode may contain content not suitable for young children.

Listen to each episode using your favorite podcast app or access them directly from the web site using the links included in the list above.

Japan Everyday will post each new AmaoJapan broadcast as they are made available. You can also catch each episode as they are released on Amao’s podcast site.

Tim Odagiri

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