AmaoJapan Podcast Episode 2

Episode 2 Podcast Title: 「日本の敬語とタメ語」

The second episode of the AmaoJapan やさしい日本語 (Easy Japanese) podcast appeared on September 5, 2020. As with the first episode, Amao-sensei reviews articles from the Yahoo! Japan news web site, and discusses each article at an N3-to-N2 Japanese speaking level.

The main topic this episode is Typhoon Haishen, which at the time was getting ready to pass over Okinawa. Amao-sensei also discusses the recent death of Haruma Miura, the uses of workplace hierarchies in an era of coronavirus and Zoom meetings, intergenerational difficulties known as 老害 (rōgai), and technologies used to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, among other recent news stories.

Listen to this episode using your favorite podcast app, or access it directly from the web site.

Japan Everyday will post each new AmaoJapan broadcast as they are made available. You can also catch each episode as they are released on Amao’s podcast site.

Tim Odagiri

Tim Odagiri is an author, software developer, and the host of Japan Everyday. He has published more than a dozen books and hundreds of articles covering technology, current events, and now life in Japan. Find his latest books at

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